Setting up SF Next Muni

I just received my Tidbyt and tried setting up the Sf Next Muni app but it doesn’t recognize bus stops. When I type my address or a nearby bus stop’s address, the app doesn’t offer any options. It keeps the default stop (Castro Inbound).

Same exact issue for me. There is no way to switch the stop it displays.

Hi all - I’m the developer of that app. I’m aware of the issue, and working on it. (I’m slowed down by being unable to test the LocationBased Schema field locally.)


Thanks, Martin! Alternatively if I could directly enter the bus stop ID, that would do just fine.

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This should be fixed now - at least it looks fixed to me. Let me know if you’re still having trouble!


Yes! The only issue is that we don’t know if the stop is Inbound or Outbound; they both show under the same name

You can guess the direction with the destination, though.

I’m wondering if it would be difficult to display more than the next bus, but rather the next two. Like in the compact mode but also with the destinations.

In any case, thanks for fixing it so quickly!!

The stop names are displayed as they appear in the NextBus data feed; I agree that duplicate names are annoying. Let me play with appending the stop ID to the name, and see if there’s a way to do that that’s helpful rather than confusing.

As for multiple buses - have a play with the different display modes - there’s unfortunately limited space on the Tidbyt display and showing two two-digit numbers (or a three-digit, in the absolute worst case!) doesn’t really leave enough space for the destination. I’ve also tried to stay true to actual Muni displays in the wild, though those do have more pixels than a Tidbyt…

Happy to take UI suggestions though if you have ideas for how to lay it out differently!

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To follow up on this - the SF Next Muni now has a “short destination” prediction format - try it out and see how you like it!

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