Set Precise App Duration

I love my new Tidbyt but am actually shocked that there’s no way for me to determine how long an app displays; just words like “turbo” rather than numbers. For a machine capable of so many amazing, advanced things it feels pretty patronizing.

Also, beyond that, users should really be able to set specific durations for each app – the blanket duration setting renders some apps (i.e. trivia) almost unusable in the default cycling mode.

Thanks for considering :pray:t2:

This would make a big difference!

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Yes - and please provide flexibility to specify different apps. For example, I love seeing today’s weather and the time, but I’d rather the weather show much longer than the time. I’d propose having a “display time” field for each app - say of “short, medium, long.” Thus, I could set weather to “long” and time to “short” and the weather would show 3x longer than the time app (1x).

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Another vote for this. We already have a Schedule function for each app, why not add a duration setting for them too

1000% here. Seems like a fundamental customization, especially for text.