Self serving/rendering Tidbyt?

I’ve had my tidbyt setup for a week now with a custom app that displays the time and either 5 day weather, spotify playback, or flights outside my apartment window all based on which is actively occurring (the clock remains in the top third of the display no matter what is happening below). This is being served by a raspberry pi, which pings flight/music data once a second, and updates the tidbyt at least once a minute in order to update the time/weather. This setup is working great, and the display looks super cool, however will there be a point where we won’t need a “back-end” like a raspberry pi to serve data? This could be a wrong assumption, but it seems the display is internet-capable so why not grant it the ability to make requests locally and render itself? How do the tidbyt supported community apps work in terms of getting realtime data? Having this ability would make the display a lot more portable, since it is a little weird to send a request to the tidbyt just to update the time once a minute, plus those requests aren’t always super fast to update


Just wanted to say an app showing flights outside my window would be great to have since I live near a common flight path.

This would require a substantial amount of coding for custom firmware. All image generation, scheduling, app configuration and network operation would need to be handled by the firmware running on the esp32. If you are familiar with the arduino framework then you are one step closer to making your tidbyt do all this heavy lifting for you. It’s all very possible but would require a lot of work to get it going. I have a repo that will allow your tidbyt to display images over mqtt instead of through the tidbyt servers if you want to take a look GitHub - tavdog/tidbyt-mqtt: ESP32 firmware to control a tidbyt matrix panel via MQTT.