Self hosted apps rotation best practice?

Fired up skylark last night and my Tidbyt is happily displaying renders that I’m pushing to it every minute from a raspberry pi.

Great success.

However, now wondering how often to push to Tidbyt for best screen longevity, as well as what other devs are doing in general? every minute, 30 seconds, 4 minutes, etc

Finally, Tidbyt seems to require one generic app be loaded even if we only want our custom app? So it rotates between the two. Is there a fix for this?

Using the --installation-id flag, I was able to push my own custom app to my Tidbyt without having another app in rotation. Are you unable to remove the unwanted app once yours is pushed? (Note this flag is documented here: Tidbyt | Dev)

In terms of push rate, I will say that I was getting issues pushing at intervals below 10 seconds, so I recently wrote a node script to reduce the number of pushes necessary by comparing the base64-encoded version of a new render against the previous one. I document that here if you’re interested: Strategies for Self-Hosted Apps? - #5 by CyberMonk

And the Tidbyt folks may have something to say here, but I doubt screen longevity is a real concern, at least not when it comes to frequency of visual updates.

Hey, I appreciate the reply and the suggestion. I will try adding the installation-id to see if that fixes the issue. I’m pushing every 30 seconds right now, so that feels about right. Again, thank you.