See Nasdaq and other indexes

One question / feature request: I would like to be able to see how Nasdaq as an index is performing throughout the day through your Stocks app. (also applicable for other indeces, such as S&P500, DJ etc. Cannot find it though by searching for tickers. Any chance you can help me here? (Or add it). I can find ETFs for Nasdaq such as QQQ, and the company Nasdaq, NDQ but not the index itself - should be at like 14,000 something. Thanks!

I too would like this feature.

I’ve been working on a simple app that pulls stock data from Google.
It has data from Copenhagen, which I can’t find in the Stocks app either.
Would this be the one?

I’d like ASX stocks please

Additionally crypto like BTCUSD, ETHUSD, and Commodities like Gold, Oil, etc

I agree with the OP. While ETFs (SPY, QQQ, etc.) can proxy the indices, it would be nice to just have the actual indices themselves available and their actual levels.

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I see this was posted a long time ago. Does anyone who can add this actually follow these requests?

I also would like to see the app with the ability to add all of the indexes, such as NASDAQ, DOW, S&P 500, NYSE. The app is pretty limited and one of the reasons I purchased this was for this app.

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There problem is index/finance api’s are expensive to obtain and intigrate. Most of the community made apps here are run from free services.

And like you said there are etfs indexed to virtually everything so although the numbers are different the market movement I’d still the same


Has anyone had progress on this?
I’d like to see SPX during the trading day as well.

Just watch SPY I’d an indexed ETF for the S&P500

Better yet, a widget that displayed the DOW, NASD, and S&P in a list.

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