Screen Corruption

My tidbyt has started displaying lines on the screen both horizontally and vertically. I have tried a full reset, and they re-appear. They do not appear random rather, they are in the same place but with different pixels lit (horizontally in green and vertically in grey/blue). Any ideas/assistance would be appreciated. I have photos of the issue but can’t work out to attach them!

Keep up the great work!

I had this. I don’t know which one of two issues it might be.

It didn’t happen when my Tidbyt couldn’t strongly connect to my wifi. Does it happen if you plug it in maybe 6ft from your router?

It’s possible it’s a different PSU might sort it. Do you have a different USB-C PSU you could try?


Unfortunately, it’s not a WiFi signal issue, and using several other USB-C PSUs yields the same result.

Apologies for the delayed response here. This sounds like a possible display failure.

@debods Would you mind emailing our support team at [email protected]? They can get this fixed for you.

Thanks! I sent the mail with pictures! Hope it works out, I love my TidByt!