Scheduling field in Pixlet schema

Let users select the days of week and times for those days that they would like something to happen. Pass an object that an app developer can use to create features that occur on a schedule.

Specific example: I have an app that shows my status to coworkers. I want to set a custom status and be able to set a start and end date that occurs every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

As a current workaround you could use one of the messages apps and then schedule/pin the app for your usage.

You could also publish your app to the community repo and then once it is published schedule/pin it.

Another current work around would be add configs to your app using configs for date/time manually (or ignore some of the date/time fields) and check manually in your app. Or simply if you know you only want it those days check current date time and if it’s not that then return something else or nothing.

Also there is an officestatus app that does let you pull stuff from your Microsoft if your company allows it.

Would be nice to have that feature in the API though.