Save apps when resetting, for heaven's sake!

My school changed their wifi settings and now I have to recreate and reinstall all the apps I used to have (and I had a LOT) customized for my scholars and classes. Some were pictures that are not reproducible and will be lost forever. It’s a shame and a big disappointment.

I would be very grateful for the ability to reset my Tidbyt and reinstall my apps from a save. It seems like the lack of this option is something of an oversight, considering how many apps are available and the ability to collect and activate so many at once. You must have anticipated that people would populate their devices with more than just the date and upcoming transit arrivals and would face this issue.

Please prioritize this to be a feature and update soon. It’s rather bad form to leave your people twisting in the wind this way.

Praying for this feature too :pray:t2:.
Very strange to have an account that doesn’t save anything.

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