Run off iPhone hotspot?

Can these be linked to an iPhones hotspot for internet data, or does it need a standard WiFi router? I want to use this in my office at work, but would not be able to connect to the company’s protected network.


The tidbyt can be configured to WiFi networks upon setup - but it cannot be changed later on.

If you hotspot the same SSID and Password as your home network - I would suspect the tidbyt would connect to your hotspot and function as expected.

I’ll have to try this on my personal device. Will report back soon.


James is totally correct. Just to add a bit to it though, you can change the Wi-Fi network that a Tidbyt connects to, but to do so you have to reset it and set it back up.

We’re working on a way to let you reconfigure the Wi-Fi network without resetting the Tidbyt.

Also @BB-9999, in response to your original question, we’ve run many devices off iPhone and Android hotspots and they work great (assuming you have an OK cellular signal).

Just to clarify. The tidybit can be reset and be used with other networks? Like this is not a permanent one time set up device?

I want to use this in my office but if I ever change jobs I don’t want to essentially lose my tidybit…am I making sense?

Yes totally. You can hold down the button on the back and it will reset so you can pair it with a new wifi network.

But this will lose the apps correct? Just wanna make sure this guy is aware haha - but I’m sure a fix is in the works :wink:

Yup, resetting the device means you have to add all the apps back. And yup, we are working on a way to make this less of a pain :slight_smile: