Run Local App without Publishing or Needing Separate Computer

I wrote a custom app that calls the weather channel’s API. It displays the next 6 days of forecast 1 day at a time for 4 seconds each. For the weather icon I have a ton of logic written out to show the 1990s version of the weather channel icon (there are 102 different icons that map to over 102 forecast phrases). This references images directly in my google drive though so definitely don’t want that to be a published/community app.

Is there a way for me to run this app on a cycle and then show some of the community apps too? Ideally this would run for 24 seconds (4 sec per day X 6 days), then the weather map app, then I have a custom weather alerts app.


I looked more into this and it doesn’t look like it’s possible. Feel like I’ll probably just end up returning the tidbyt which is definitely a shame

PM me here. I have a solution that is in the works and needs testing.

Any update on this one? Im curious if you figured anything out.

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I have a beta web app running if you want to try it out.

you can create an account here

It allows you to upload your own starlark file for rendering.

let me know how it works.

It is http only due to the fact that pixlet can’t serve on https .

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I just wanted to say thanks for building this. This a huge help for me.

Here is the code if you want to run in on your own. It is a python flask app. GitHub - tavdog/tidbyt-manager

I am still very new to this , but how ever I have made a few neat little apps that do not use an API’s . I would love to learn more , I got a lot of questions. What is the Discord again? I know i saw it some where on here a while ago. Well anyway thanks in advance I kind of just do this as a hobby on the weekends.

Here is the discord invite. Tidbyt