Rocket Launch Schedule

Upcoming launches at Cape Canaveral.

This would be simple enough. I wouldn’t mind working on this as my next App!

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Check out the LaunchCountdown app that is already available.

It shows Cape Canaveral as well as other launches. For me it shows in the Live category under Space or you can search for it.

Yeah - that app seems to do exactly what the OP requested. I don’t think I’ll take on this project anymore since there is no real need to have another app like that!

Thanks for the replies! I haven’t received my Tidbyt yet so I can’t test the app to see if it can be customized to only display information for Cape Canaveral. I just thought it would be nice to easily see if there is an upcoming local launch that we can watch out for from our backyard some 70 miles away from the cape.

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I’m over in Central Florida - I know the feeling of wanting to check out those launches!

If for some reason the LaunchCountdown doesn’t handle what you want, I wouldn’t mind looking through and maybe improving the App or writing another version that lets you pick your launch sites.

At this point, it might be easier to implement location selection for the launches on the existing app, but we will see once you get your Tidbyt!

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Just received my TidByt. LaunchCountdown is great! But there is currently no way to customize it for location - it shows upcoming launches all over the world.
I also can’t get it to display long enough that all the information has enough time to scroll by - as it is it doesn’t get to display the launch time.