Robust & Flexible SDK

I believe this is already planned (and underway?), but as a software engineer, I just wanted to emphasize on the fact that the main reason I backed this project on KS is b/c you said it’d be possible to write my own apps for it.

It would be great to have this available before we get the actual physical devices, i.e. to be able to experiment with a virtual device and get the apps ready by the time the actual device arrives. That would really be awesome!

Hi Kion

If you refer to the pixlet tutorial, you can develop the apps and view them easily in Google chrome or any other webp viewer

You can learn more here

This can be done without a device or api key


@James Thanks for sharing - this is fantastic (not sure how I missed that… or maybe I only took a quick look at it originally and then forgot about it somehow) and yes, it’s exactly what I was talking about - being able to start hacking apps while device is being manufactured is great!

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