Request: Current Event flag

I would like to see an option for developers to signal that their app is a part of a current event.

For example, if major-league baseball game is in progress, I would like my Tidbyt to ONLY show the MLB score.

If a second app is signaling, a live event, then the tidbit cycles between those two apps.

And so on.

I would like to ONLY see a weather radar during severe weather events, especially if the app is displaying a severe weather warning that needs to be seen.

I would like to ONLY see a traffic report if there are delays to my commute.

This sounds like a pretty good idea.

We actually have the ability for you to do this manually right now by pinning an app. That makes it so your Tidbyt only displays that one app until you unpin it. To access this, hold down on an installed app to pin.

So theoretically we could extend that to allow apps to “auto-pin” themselves when an important event is happening.