According to, line 82 (as of commit 692e037ce39b94ec41807c6ff2e170b5f0ac9191), the height of the drawing context is clipped to bounds.Dy() when the measured height (h) is larger than it. I am attempting to create a vertical Marquee within a Column, and bounds.Dy() is apparently double the height of the Marquee, so any text larger than double the size of the Marquee is chopped off. Is there a more correct way to size the WrappedText’s height to the extent of the text being rendered rather than double the size of the Marquee?

I can hack render/wrappedtext.go to do what I want, but it without understanding the intent of clipping the height of the drawing context to bounds.Dy() , it’s hard to come up the right change to offer.

After some time wrangling with this, it seems that marquee.go is limiting its content to double its width/height (depending on whether it’s horizontal or vertical). Can this limit be relaxed? Would it be better to post this request as an issue on the pixlet github?


The fix for this is in Pixlet 0.6.0

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