Release custom apps

Hi there. Currently I’ve got a company specific app I developed for the LaMetric Time, which I can get customers to install on their devices:

Is there a plan to allow custom apps to be released for Tidbyt? Forgive me if I have missed it :slightly_smiling_face:

I like the vastly better display possibilities with the TidByt so would be cool to be able to do that

Wow, that’s awesome! It would be awesome to get this ported over to Tidbyt.

Custom apps are very much in the roadmap, and we have some support for them today. Today, you can use our API to push any image or animation to your Tidbyt. You can also use Pixlet, our pixel app SDK, to build an app and render it as a GIF (which you can then push to your Tidbyt). The caveat is that you need to do that on your computer or on a server somewhere.

The next step is to close the loop by allowing you to publish your Pixlet apps to Tidbyt’s servers, where we can run it alongside first-party applets. My plate has been really full with just getting the product launched (omg, Kickstarter launch tomorrow :grimacing:), but this is one of the highest priorities after that.