Re-Order & Control Periodicity of Key Apps

Hello, I received my Tidbyt yesterday and it was very easy to set up! It looks beautiful on my desk. However, I have some comments about the app, and suggestions on how certain things could be improved to make it even better!

  1. It would be ideal if the order of each applet display could be dynamically modified to change the order in which they are displayed. As programmed now, if you realized you wanted a different sequence, you would have to delete your applets, and add them again in the correct sequence. Pretty annoying IMHO!

  2. I would appreciate the option to specify the display of an applet 1x every x # of applet changes (e.g., I always want to see the clock display after x applet changes). This would make having the applets in a specific order (#1 above) a little less critical.

Looking forward to seeing further refinements in your app over time, and I am excited to see what other developers do with this technology!


Hi Christian,

Wanted to let you know that (1.) reordering of installed apps is now possible in the iOS/Android app. Just make sure you have the latest version running, and you should be able to drag and drop the apps as you wish.

Thanks for the feedback!