Push notifications when new apps added

I’d really like a notification from the tidbyt app when new apps are available for use. I follow the GitHub page and I see a lot of cool new stuff being worked on but I wish the app would tell me when new apps are added instead of me needing to check all the time.

They do release when new community apps are released on the discord #community channel, but I do agree that would be useful or a what’s new category in the app.

There’s already a “what’s new” section but I’m tired of checking it by scrolling to the end and being disappointed that there’s nothing new :smiley:


I think they may have to change that manually, but that may just be categories.

Regardless they pin the new apps in the discord in the community channel.

That feature is probably on their roadmap though, just other things to get done first.

This. Needs to be done :slight_smile:

Maybe they could add a red exclamation point to ‘what’s new’ that disappears when you view the new apps.

I just added a PR for an app to list apps added in the last week or so.