Procedure for API blocking Tidbyt servers?

Recently both surf forecast apps stopped working. They work locally but not on tidbyt servers. I can only assume that surfline servers have been blocked. What’s can we do to confirm they are blocked and then make a workaround. One issue is that it is an undocumented api so i’m not sure if contacting surfline will accomplish anything.


Hey Travis, any update on this, missing those surf reports. Anything I can do to help? I’m not a developer so anything outside of coding :slight_smile:

I haven’t gotten any information from Tidbyt about this. I am just running pixlet render locally and pushing the webp to my device via cron. Which spots do you want to display on your tidbyt ?

Actually it looks like Tidbyt might be pulling these apps out of the community repo because it uses an unofficial API and there isn’t a clear public policy from surfline to allow the use of the data. If there was a service to allow you to run your own private version of this app how much would it be worth it to you ? $1 / month ?