Problems with Marquee vertical scroll and WrappedText

Are there any known bugs with combining Marquee vertical scroll and WrappedText? I can’t get it to work consistently for a variety of strings. Some long strings will scroll properly, but others will display cut off without scrolling, or won’t display at all.

My app display is pretty simple with an image on the left and the text on the right.

# example strings:
# "2014 Short Name Red Wine" - displays properly without scrolling
# "2014 Long Winery Name Tasty Red Wine Special Edition" - displays properly with scrolling
# "2014 Family Winery Tasty Red Wine" - doesn't display at all

return render.Root(
		child = render.Row(
			expanded = True,
			main_align = "start",
			cross_align = "center",
			children = [
					width = 15,
					child = render.Image(
						src = base64.decode("some image data")
					scroll_direction = "vertical",
					height = 32,
					offset_start = 32,
					offset_end = 30,
					align = "center",
					child = render.WrappedText(
						content = "a string that might not fit on the screen",
						color = "#808080"

I suspect it’s because it doesn’t know how wide it should be. Try setting the width attribute on the WrappedText and/or the Marquee.

Normally the Marquee should infer its width from the width of its child. But WrappedText needs to be told what width and/or height it’s trying to wrap into.

Setting the width on the WrappedText worked for me. I had tried setting the width on the Marquee and some of the other elements, but hadn’t tried the WrappedText yet. Thanks for your help!