Preset "display off" mode

Hi! My likely location for my Tidbyt would be in the living room or in an office setting. So, hopefully it would be energy-saving if there was a setting to have it turn the display completely off during a preset time interval.

I searched the forums and found a similar request made in September 2020, but it only involves dimming the display or displaying a clock and not completely turning it off.


This is a neat idea - a painful way to accomplish this could be adding a black photo and have it scheduled for a time where no other apps are scheduled to display.

Tidbyt app could offer a “quiet hours” setting that would make the tidbyt display black image for a period of time specified. This would be kind of nice for those times you don’t want the distraction :slight_smile:

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Haha, I love the “black image” hack.

We could totally do a “completely off” quiet mode, it’s not technically difficult. The main issue I see though is that then you don’t really have a way of knowing whether your Tidbyt is in “screen off” mode or if it’s just completely broken.

What would y’all think about having something like a single, dim, red pixel or some sort of extremely dim pattern that just lets you know the thing is on/working?

By the way, just a quick comment on the energy usage. With the current night mode, Tidbyt uses a surprisingly low amount of energy. Even less power than a phone in sleep mode with its screen off.


I think either idea works! Of course, having an actual mode would be most convenient. To @rohan about the single, dim, pixel that could work. It could either be static or “blink” slowly in a corner.

One caveat with the mode would be an override feature - unless there’s a physical button, perhaps the app would need to include a switch to temporarily turn the display back on/off during the “quiet” mode.

Also, yay for the low energy usage!

I like the single pixel idea! Maybe just ever so slowly pulsating, like the diodes on a sleeping macbook or monitor.

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Rohan I also think the single pixel is good.

It would slowly blink, as it “breathes” if you have enough variance in brightness to work with (0-F)
Simple toggle switch in the settings for “Energy Saver” and also you can schedule this mode.

Perhaps it can be toggled by the API as well, so you can disable energy save and then display an image.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: