Powerpoint live in australia we use 240 volts

Can i please have someone send an Australian PowerPoint as i was given an American one that works on 120 volts & different pins.

Hey Will. I noticed you emailed in about this, and I replied there earlier today. Please let me know if you don’t see my response.

Sorry i cannot see your reply… Can you advise please

sorry i dont see it…can you please email my hotmail account

Hi Will, just followed up by email again.

Sorry i don’t see your messages i did suggest you email me at my hotmail account in which i have not received anything… HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO RESOLVE THIS?? HOW MANY MORE EMAILS DO I NEED TO EMAIL YOU ON??? THIS IS A JOKE RIGHT??? I GAVE YOU MY ADDRESS DETAILS GET ON WITH THE JOB… OR JUST TAKE BACK THE PROUCT AS I CANNOT USE IT… LAST EMAIL THANKS

Hey Will,

Sorry if this wasn’t clear from the Kickstarter, but we only ship with a North America power adapter. It is 240V capable if you have a converter. You can also use any USB-C power supply (eg., an Android phone charger).

I’m happy to work with you on a solution to this, but please check your spam folder. I emailed you again earlier today with a possible solution.

If you’d like we can also arrange a return, but that would need to be done by email too.

checked my hotmail account which is; [email protected] & received no messages at all checked spam too… I don’t have a USB-C connector nor a converter lets just forget it thanks again just close this out… thank you