Power Voltage

Hi team,

I just received my tidbyt this morning and am so excited. However, I’m in Ireland so curious about power voltage issues. Is the device only compatible with US voltage or will it work correctly (and not explode) if i plug directly into socket in Ireland where our power supply is 220 v versus 110 in US.

Tidbyt accept 5v via the usb cable. The conversion from 110/220 AC to 5v DC happens in the little adapter that plugs into the wall. As long as your adapter output USB voltage it should work. If you look real closely on the power adapter it will tell what it accepts as INPUT voltage and most can accept 110 and 220 but you should look to make sure.

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Thanks - worked a treat. Plugged straight in without any need for power conversion. Just a local adapter required.

Did you see fireworks ?? :stuck_out_tongue: :