Power supply information

Just received my unit very impressed so far.

I am in the UK, I did a bit of searching the forum for the power pack specs before purchasing but did not see any detailed information, so for those not in the US this may be of interest…

The supplied power pack is a one piece usb-c output socket one side / US 2 pin plug the other, holes on both pins.

It accepts 100 to 240V AC, 50 or 60Hz, should work anywhere with the correct travel adaptor

Output current rating is 5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A according to the label - I believe the unit uses 5V.

Various other adaptors I have…

I tried two versions of Apple USB C charge blocks …

  1. 2 part with silver lock pin in middle works.
  2. All in one three pin UK plug with USB C on bottom does not work, (double checked still charges my MacBook )
  3. I have some built in dual socket UK power outlets with built in USB C, these work fine, rated at 3A
  4. Have a 3 pin UK plug USB Apple charge block from old iPhone, using an adaptor USB to USBC works

Hope of use to someone out there


Useful info.

I’ll add my findings:
Apple 40W charger for MacBook Air - didn’t work
Apple 61W charger for MacBook Pro - works

Ended up using the Apple iPhone charge block with USB to USB C adaptor.

Its a UK 3 pin all in one, A1399, 5V @ 1A

It feels just slightly warm to the touch nothing excessive.

If it works for you with 5v @ 1A, I wonder why the 40W Apple charger doesn’t work…

As you see similar experience for me, perhaps there is a handshake the MacBook does that the tidbyt does not ?

Anyway convenient I can use an old small USB power supply that was doing nothing before in my drawer

Same here - needed to use the small adapter that came with my original iPhone (New Zealand model A1444 5V 1A output) and bought a 2m USB A to C/Lightning cable. Seems fine so far. The supplied adaptor is no use here with the straight US pin profile.

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Was thinking about this and glad to see all of these posts. Thanks!

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this is a great question. before I opened the box, I had a spare USB C cable from my computer but then got nervous and used the supplied cable. what is really neat is plugging this into iphone 15 pro max.