Pollen app requires subscription

Just a note that might save someone else some time, not only does the new Pollen Count app require a developer key from tomorrow.io, it also requires a paid tomorrow.io account as pollen is not part of the free data.

This doesn’t make it a bad app, but these requirements should be stated so users know what they’re getting into. (Also, brace yourself for an onslaught of email from tomorrow. io once you sign up – they send a ridiculous number of follow-up spammy emails)


I found this out when trying the flight tracker apps. I agree it would be good to know before getting into it.

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their rate limits are very small, but I thought the api key was free… although maybe I hadn’t hit the end of a free trial unsure. I know you can get a free api key though and I was able to get values. Agreed on the spammy emails though from tomorrow.io

Wow, strange. Maybe pollen counts are free for some cities, and not others? My free key definitely won’t grant me access to the locations I have tried.