Plex Recenty Added configuration

Hello, I’m not sure what i’m doing wrong to get this new app working on my tidbyt. What i’ve set in the tidbyt app for this app:

My Plex server is set to Preferred, not Required.
Server IP: the local IP of my plex server:
Server port: the local port of my plex server: 32400
Plex Token: my plex token per Finding an authentication token / X-Plex-Token | Plex Support
API Key: blank – since i’m not using the nodejs route, this isn’t used, right?

I save it but it never connects, just the cloud with the line through it in place of the preview.

I’m willing to try the nodeJS route if there were instructions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m not sure how this is possible without using the proxy server. There is no way for the tidbyt servers to access your plex install via it’s local ip address unless you forward a port through your home router or you are running this app locally with your own pixlet. Actually I don’t see how this script would work even with the proxy. This app might be intended to only use plex installations that are hosted on a public ip.

Thanks for the reply. According to the linked readme here:

can be used without the use of running the proxy server index.js , but you will need to disable Secure Connections: Required, and use Preferred instead (found in the network tab in your plex server settings).

serverIP IP of the server which has index.js running, OR the IP of the plex server if “Secure Connections” is set to Preferred (do not recommend).

My server is already set to ‘Preferred’ for other local network reasons, so I figured this would work.

Your reply implies that the app needs to communicate with tidbyt servers? So even though this is all on the same local network, a tidbyt app would have to talk to the tidbyt servers, then talk to my local network from that side, requiring a public IP/port, then back to the tidbyt servers, then to my tidbyt?

EDIT: I changed it to the public IP/port and it’s working now. I assumed since my tidbyt and my server are right next to each other, they wouldn’t have to have a middleman. Less than ideal.

The “app” doesn’t run on the tidbyt it runs on the tidbyt servers. That’s why it needs the port open because the app is running on the tidbyt servers to generate the image that is then sent to your tidbyt device.