Please Welcome Pär!


Our team has grown by 33%! @par is joining Tidbyt full time as a Product Lead. He brings 10 years of experience in product focused roles at Spotify and will be leading our product roadmap, engaging with our customers, and overall providing another set of hands around here.


In Pär’s own words:

Hey everyone! My name is Par and I just joined the Tidbyt team to work on product development. One important aspect of that is the input from this community, to listen to how you use the product today and what you would like to see going forward. I’m just getting ramped up here this week but I would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see in the future, feel free to reach out anytime!

Feedback Wanted

Have things that @par should be aware of? Let us know in the comments below.


Welcome, Par! I love my Tidbyt. My quick list:

  1. Each app have its own defined display time.
  2. Overall stock market info (DOW, etc), not just individual stocks
  3. Apple Music (I suspect this is an Apple API limitation)
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Hello Pär - also love my Tidbyt and would love to see the following features:

  • Stock App; allow for an individual timeframe to be set per instance / stock. Currently it only shows the current day

  • Allow each app to have its own defined display time (how long it is displayed)

  • Allow the option to totally turn off the display based on a schedule. Currently we can only set it to show a clock when “off”. It’s ok to maybe have a small one LED blinking dot somewhere to show that the device is actually on

  • Send out a notification in the app when a new Tidbyt app is available or allow the users to sign up for a notification service

  • Tesla Integration (show car battery status, show powerwall charge status etc.) I am aware that this requires a personal login. I hope it could work just like it does for twitter / sonos etc.

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Great to see the Tidbyt team growing! Congrats!