Pixlet for Windows


Hey folks! Iā€™m excited to announce that we finally have an official release of Pixlet for Windows starting at v0.22.4 :tada: . To get started, follow the installation instructions for windows.

Shout Out

A big thanks to @fxb for writing the guide for Windows installation which is the process we ported to Github Actions for release :raised_hands:

Next Steps

There are two issues with our current release that could be improved upon:

  • We are producing a tar.gz archive, which requires additional applications for Windows to support. We will be looking to move this to a .zip archive instead
  • There is not an MSI or Choclatey distribution, which means users have to manually move the executable and add an entry for their path. We should support one or both of these distributions.

Feedback Wanted

Let us know if you have any issues with your Windows installation below.


I had issues extracting the files (only Fail messages) but managed by just dragging and dropping from NanaZip to the folder. I got it installed so Iā€™m happy about that. Thanks for making this happen!

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