Pin Scheduling

It was recently brought to my attention that scheduling does not work like I thought!

I was lucky enough to have a bug on my tidbyt that allowed me to experience a feature that I thought would be really convenient!

The way scheduling is right now, if you want to schedule only one app to show during a certain time frame you must go back and schedule each other app against that schedule to show one app. Real PITA when you have a lot of apps! The bug I experienced allowed me to only show the apps scheduled without rotating through the other apps. I found that very convenient!

“Pin Scheduling”- This would schedule whatever app you want pinned for that certain schedule, and only the apps you want pinned. Nothing else!

For Example: I want the Tidbyt clock Pin Scheduling from 7am-5pm, only the clock app will show. No other apps will rotate during that time period.

This adds easier functionality to the user as they can choose to schedule a Pin instead of going thru and scheduling each app you don’t want to see.