Password screen is unresponsive

I received a Tidbyt as a gift last night. I am trying to set it up this morning. Upon opening the app and trying to login, I wanted to use an email address. Well, since I don’t already have an account, I assumed I needed to reset my password since I never set one in the first place. It has been several minutes since the request; no email and no way to pass through the Password screen of the app. In the meantime, the Password screen on the app is completely unresponsive. I have deleted and re-added the app, restarted my iPhone, turned off and back on WiFi. No change. Password screen remains unresponsive. I may be returning this gift shortly.

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Sorry about this, we’re looking into it. In the meantime, if you use either the Sign In With Apple or Sign In With Google options, they will automatically create an account for you.

Can you please confirm. Is this a new, platform issue? Has this function ever worked? While I appreciate the alternatives, I do not use these methodologies for creating accounts. Thank you for clarifying.

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It’s a new bug with the latest release of the iOS app. We’re actively working on it and hope to have a fix soon.

Following, as I too received a new Tidbyt and plan to create an account using email. Also experiencing this issue.

Exact same thing is happening with me - looking forward to a resolution here.

Like one of the other followers of this thread, I prefer not to use Apple / Google authentication - waiting on the iOS fix.

We have submitted a fix to Apple and are now waiting for them to review it. Will keep you posted!

The fix for this has been released. Please update to the latest version of the Tidbyt app from the App Store.

Yes, all set now. Thank you!