Paid Role: Tidbyte Display For Client Results

Hey Tidbyte’rs

I backed the project early in on the hopes of using the display to do something cool. I spend a lot of time in meetings and frequently get asked the same questions. I am willing to pay someone to build a Tidbyte app that pulls data from a Google sheet containing 3 values (we’ll wire these up real time later) as the data would come from multiple client reports. This Tidbyte app would sit behind me in my calls and show in real time the work we do.

  • Display #of leads generated
  • Display total lending volume
  • Display impact on revenue

If this is something you are interested in, please let me know! :slight_smile:

Do you just want info from a specific cell displayed? Also how often is this sheet updated?

Hey, i’d like to have it scroll through 4 views for the latest month, data would be automatically appended to the sheet monthly.

View 1: Month
Pause 3s
View 2: Leads Generated
Pause 3s
View 3: Total Lending
Pause 3s
View 4: Revenue Impact
Pause 3s

Month Leads Generated Total Lending Revenue Impact
January 3920 $320,00,000 $7,800,000.00


just a quick mock up, but you just want something like this for all 3 catagories?

I think thats close. Let’s simplify it even further, we can drop month and display these fields.

Leads Generated Total Lending Revenue Impact
3920 $320,00,000 $12,341,234

Shoot me an email ryan at e1even dot com

if its alright id rather keep communication on the forum here. Happy to do so over private messaging though ill send you a DM!