PagerDuty Notifications

I think it would be neat to add support for displaying notifications from PagerDuty using their webhooks + the Tidbyt API.

I started working on a script that does this using the node-tidbyt module that I published last week.

Here is a preview of how it looks so far:


Hey @drudge,

This is a great idea! You’ve also done the hardest part by figuring out what it should look like and it looks great :heart: .

There are a few classes of information that we don’t support well just yet with notifications being one of them. Our current rendering infrastructure renders applets as asynchronous, background tasks and notifications would need to be real time. We’d need a server process similar to node-tidbyt to do exactly what you’re doing here by taking webhooks and interrupting the cycle with a push to the device.

In order to really do the feature justice, we’d also need a way to denote in the mobile app that the PagerDuty applet was a push style applet and we’d need to ensure it doesn’t get rendered like normal applets in the rotation.

This is all doable, we just need to figure out how soon we can make it happen :smiley:. Let me chat with the folks here and see if we can come up with a timeline for this style of applet.


this sounds awesome – definitely very interested in this.

Ring doorbell and delivery notifications are 2 other use cases I’d love; I could see IFTTT or equivalent adding a ton of easy functionality for this if it was worked out.

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