Oura Ring App Login

I use an Oura Ring but when I tried to set up the app to link with my ring it’s asking for an PAT code to login. I have no idea what a PAT code is and when I contacted OURA they have no idea either what the developing is asking for. Does anyone know what we need to get that app to work?

Looking at the source code it looks like PAT likely stands for personal access token. Looks like you can get a key at cloud.oauring.com. I don’t own one, so I don’t know if it the request is in a devs tab or what once you log in.

cc author @aidenvigue you may want to list the link in the app description at the top of the script (really only need to change it in the .yaml file for it to actually show up in the Tidbyt app, but I like to make sure those are consistent personally).