OTC supported Stock Ticker Apps

I am not sure why the current stock apps do not have OTC Securities available. I know the information is sometime less available but there are many securities that are available on the Apple Stock app and other websites but not on the TidByt Stock screens.

OTC and indices are much harder to obtain and costs a bit more money that’s why you dont see them here.

Totally understandable. Do you or anyone know where they Tidbyt “Stock” App is getting its pricing feeds? The OTC data that I would love to see is currently available on the native free versions of the Apple Stock App and Yahoo Finance.
As ive said before, I apologize for my lack of developer knowledge. With that said, is there a possibility or a work around to get some OTC security data with the stock app that is currently available?

Also, I am trying to sharpen my skills to publish my own Tidbyt app. *Does anyone know the sources of the native Tidbyt Stock App, by which the app is drawing data?

  • this may be helpful to me to find a work around
  • (or) this might help me as I work on another stock application that supports OTC data.

The graph from the stock app is just using the render.plot widget and its documented note on the github page.

If you need an example of how it’s used i know that a community user published a crypto tracking app that uses it so that’s a good place to start

Hey, Yea wow that is very informative and help. Would love if you can point me in the direction of that crypto app.


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I just randomly saw this and this is great! Can’t wait to try it out.

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