Opensourcing existing apps

Are there any plans on releasing the code for existing Tidbyt developed apps?
I’m using the Tempest app, which is 90% of what I want - but would like to modify to display in Fahrenheit as well as show UV index.
This seems like it would be trivial changes I could make to the existing app versus re-developing.



Second that, as I would like to hack the existing Sonos display to show album art too, possibly lyrics.


I would 3rd this, as I am trying to recreate the subway/metro apps that have been released to work with Denver’s RTD. Would be much easier with the examples already seen in the Tidbyt app.

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Would love to be able to edit the Stock App for Crypto!

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+1 I would like to make a transit app for my local transit agency


Same here. The NFL one works fine, except my team the lions had a tie and you can tell that wasn’t thought about with output. I see their record with the last - (dash) wihout the 1. So right now it displays 2-12- without the 1.

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Hey all, the request definitely makes sense. We’ll discuss as a team here when we’re all back in the office next week.

Some of this is blocked on getting our full app development platform out. For example, with Pixlet you currently can’t specify a configuration schema or accept user configuration values (eg., auth tokens). We have a way to do that for internal apps but need to clean it up and make it public.


Any update an open sourcing the internal apps? I would love to fork them or submit PR for new features.


I’d also love to see this. I’ve never done any coding, but CitiBikes uses the same API as every other bikeshare built by Motivate.

It’s possible that with as little as switching out the GBFS feed would make the app work for Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, and more.

I remain surprised that the official app hasn’t been updated to support cities using the same API. But the speed of improvements is another subject. :wink:


I’d love this just to learn from others’ code :slight_smile:


all community apps are open sourced already on github :slight_smile:

Which is awesome! But at least for my needs I’m interested in getting under the hood of the CitiBikes app, which is not open source yet.

Hopefully, once the team has a chance they’ll release the code for the official apps. I suspect the delay is circling back and cleaning up the code for public release. Please keep this on the list, Rohan!

Me too! I very recently ordered a TidByt (will arrive in June hopefully) and have started making my own General Bikeshare Feed Specification based TidByt app. If they already use GBFS API for the CitiBike app TidByt could support many cities/providers out of the box making my own app obsolete. I think all bike sharing services in Norway where I live have GBFS APIs available.