Open Source The App Hosting Code

I think a lot of Tidbyt users are pretty in to tinkering with software. For those of us who are, having the source code needed to host the applications we can create as community apps, and the ability to switch our Tidbyts over to our self-hosted app servers would be great. This could be a very advanced thing to do with plenty of warnings about possibly bricking your device, but that’s just what people like me actually got a Tidbyt for. A benefit to Tidbyt is that you might actually get some help in building out the platform. That’s the power of open source!

I totally are behind this. For me it seemed that you could easily create (private) apps without the need to integrate it with the community repo. I would also be willing to host the creation of each app myself, I would just want to point to an endpoint. But currently it seems to be push instead of pull.

Alternatively, I am thinking about creating my own server on K8s, and pushing every 20s a new image to the device.