Office 365 Calendar

The main reason I bought a Tidbyt is to see my upcoming events from my work calendar, which is Office 365. I assumed that the Outlook Calendar App would work, but now I’m not so sure, and there is very little info on this. My device hasn’t shipped and am thinking of cancelling my order, as I would just end up returning it if I can’t use it for this purpose.

Can someone clarify if this device works with Office 365, and what exactly is the functionality?
Does it show the next meeting? or cycle through today’s meetings? etc.

the outlook app is made from a community member. cc @Matt for visibility. The code is also on the community repo on github.

The Outlook Calendar app should work.
How easy will depend on some things about your Office 365 account.

When adding the app to Tidbyt, it will ask you for your Office 365 credentials and you may stumble on a screen like this one:

In my case, I work for a very large company (more than 400K employees worldwide) and our security guys are not too keen on letting third party apps access our data. As you can see, I could not approve the integration myself. I would need to provide some justification and hope for an administrator to approve it (probably would never happen).

Your case may be different. Your Office 365 may be configured in a way that lets you approve the app yourself. Or you may work for a smaller company and the IT guys will approve it for you. Better yet, if you are the owner of the Office 365 subscription than you should have no problems! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the detailed info on the app. I too work for a company where security is pretty tight, so I would probably end-up not being able to use it for my intended purpose. Unfortunately I will probably just return it as soon as I receive it in the mail.

I’m connected to outlook calendar and google calendar. Gave them permission, the whole bit. Not working.