NYC Subway App: texts scroll wraps around, and then restarts midway causing a broken animation

This is sort of difficult to explain, but the subway app has a strange visual quirk.

The scrolling text for a subway station, e.g. “DOWNTOWN & BROOKLYN”, will begin it’s scroll with the “D” at the furthest left position and will scroll to the left until the “N” of “BROOKLYN” is gone from the screen, it will then begin scrolling again from the right most side as if to “wrap around”. However, it only gets to the point where “DOWN” is visible before it will seemingly restart the entire scroll from the beginning with “DOWNTOWN” at the furthest left position. This causes a visual “jump” when it restarts the scroll animation.

I think ideally the scroll would either end when the word “BROOKLYN” is fully visible, or the “wrap around” should end where the animation initially begins so it completes a full revolution without a “jump”.