NYC Subway -- Add Delay

Hi Team!

I use the NYC Subway app all the time on my Tidbyts and find it extremely useful, not to mention beautiful to look at. With that said, it’s relatively meaningless during rush hour and other times with super frequent trains as there is for me, and I assume almost everyone else, a walking time associated with going from the Tidbyt to the train in the station.

Could you add an option to enable a “walking factor” to the display so that it only shows trains after a certain amount of time. For example, a train 2 min away doesn’t mean anything to me if I see that on my display and live a 7 min walk from the station. If I set my “walking factor” to 7 min, I would then be shown only trains I could possibly make after seeing it on my display. Trains < 7 min away would be ignored.

Again this would be an optional feature within the display with a dynamic “walking factor” that can be changed to whatever in the app but make the screen exponentially more useful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments or down below.


I’d be happy to raise a pull request for this if we can convince the Tidbyt team to open source the NYC Subway app :wink:

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This would be so awesome. Definitely would get great use out of this.

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