Not all apps display/gets held up

Recently, my unit shows perhaps the first 1/3 of apps, then cycles back to the beginning. It won’t show ALL the apps I have set up. For whatever reason, it gets locked into a cycle of only showing the first few apps, and repeats endlessly. Anyone know how to fix?

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Posting to see if theres a solution. Mine is doing the same. Currently Its just the Tidbyt screens. I did a hard reset and ran into only one or two apps cycling. This morning I woke up to Tidbyt screen again. :weary:

I am looking into this and working on a fix. Do you mind sharing how many apps you have installed, and if possible which ones?

Unless there’s an easy way to do it, I probably got more than 20. So I wont be able to list them all.

Thanks y’all. I was able to match both your accounts in our DB. I’m going to pull some logs from your devices and see if I can identify the issue.

Sorry about this and thanks for bearing with me.

I’ll be in my office later today and I’ll double check that it’s still Occurring.

Thanks! Looks like we have two separate issues here.

@sagesq1968 We clearly have some sort of bug in how our server is handling all the various apps that you have installed. I should be able to track it down.

@Slimfl08 in your case it looks like your Tidbyt is being repeatedly disconnected from our servers. Any chance you could plug your Tidbyt into your computer and follow these steps to download diagnostic logs from it: Download diagnostic data

If you let it run for a couple minutes and then send the logs that are generated, that would be very helpful for me to be able to identify and fix the issue.

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@sagesq1968 Just pushed out a firmware upgrade to your Tidbyt that should help with this.

It will take a few minutes to stabilize, but after that please let me know if you’re still seeing issues.

Looks like everything is working perfectly! Thanks so much!

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Ill try to get the diagnostics done this evening once I get home! Thanks for the prompt support.

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Sent diagnostics. Hopefully it’s something simple!

My Tidbyt has also been doing the same thing. I have about 20 apps running. It will only cycle through about the first 5 or 6 apps and repeat. If I open the app on my iPhone. I can re-add the apps not showing and they start displaying again, but after a little time it goes back to only cycling through the first 5 or 6 apps again. Is there a firmware update I can have applied to help with mine also!?