Night Mode bug

Been experiencing this bug off and on for the last couple months. Night mode is toggled on and works as it should for a week or two. Then for some reason it just stops activating. When I toggle it off and then on during the correct hours, it’ll briefly kick into night mode for about the length of an app cycle and then the tidbyt goes back to cycling through apps. So far my solution has been to unplug it for the night and then plug it back in the next day. That seems to reboot it and it’ll work as it should for another week or two before the exact same problem pops up again. Tonight the problem started again and I noticed one of the clock apps had the wrong time on it. It was 10:30 pm but the app said 5:55. Deleted that app but that didn’t fix the problem. Just noticed that it’s also randomly skipping apps. I don’t have any on a schedule so that shouldn’t be happening. Not sure what to make of any of these issues but this problem is getting really annoying.

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Something similar happened to me last night. Instead of turning off at 10:15 it kept cycling and the times on the clocks wouldn’t update. I just hit the reset button on the back and it was fine.

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Same thing here too for the first time last night. Weirdly, only two of my other apps (out of 7) were cycling and then it returned to the night mode screen, and kept repeating that cycle. Even weirder, I have three instances of the exact same stock ticker app for different tickers, and only one of the instances was included in the cycle, so it was even more unclear what’s triggering the bug.

Update: Actually, that last sentence is incorrect. The “Crypto Ticker” app was showing up, not the “Stock Ticker” one, which I do have multiple instances of. They look the same so I was conflating the two.

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Experiencing this issue as well. Resetting does not do anything. It will flash into the Night Mode screen for a few seconds then cycle to the next app despite being in Night mode

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Thanks for reporting this, everyone. Will take a look tomorrow and try to figure out the cause of this.


Same - night mode stopped working last night, won’t work tonight. Please ping me when solution is posted. Thanks.

Happened again tonight, which is not the norm. Usually good for a week or two after unplugging and then plugging back in. This time it was just stuck on one app (Starfield) instead of cycling the few that it was last night. Oddly enough Starfield was one that was being skipped last night. Anyways, hit the reset button and it came back in night mode and seems to be staying there as it should.

Received more reports of this tonight and I’ve identified the bug. Working on a fix now and hoping to have it out tonight.

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OK, the fix for this is going out now. You should see correct night mode behavior within a few minutes.