NHL/Hockey App

I think the MLB app is great where you can set your favorite team, have it only display on game day, and it has live scoring. Is there any way to do the same thing but for hockey (NHL)?

I would also love NHL scores. It would be cool if when a goal is scored that it flashes and then shows the goal info (goal scorer, assists).


Funny you mention it, I just started on an NHL app yesterday. I received my Tidbyt a couple weeks ago and I only meant this as a fun project for myself, but if I get it into shape and there is interest, I can try share it some way.

Currently you can you can pick your team or have it shuffle all teams. It will show the current live game or the time/opponent of the next scheduled game. Live game will show basic info as well as a ticker on the bottom that rotates through things like shots on goal, last play, last goal scored … things like that.


This looks awesome! Can’t wait to try it out.

I’d be interested in testing as well.

This looks awesome!!! Would be happy to help test

Looks sick! An effective home scoreboard! Can’t stand when broadcasts don’t display SOG on their clock & score graphic. This could solve everything! Happy pre-playoffs everyone and Go Avs!! :rotating_light:


Hey thanks for the interest!

I think I’m about ready to submit this, but if anyone is still interested in testing it early, if you could shoot me a message or something on here, please? I’d appreciate any feedback people might have.


edit: for testing you will need to be able to run pixlet


I am happy to test. This is my first time working with a new app so I am not quite sure what is involved.

Sent you a private message.

I would love this too. Especially with the playoffs about to start.

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Did this ever get released?

This looks phenomenal! Any word on how close it is to release?

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This would be great for playoffs…

There’s a hockey scores app available already, just can’t pick a specific team.