NFL and sports apps

Can we get these to scroll all the games when they are active instead of just one team?


I’ve just added a new app for each team I want to follow so it rotates through them.

Is it just one for you or can everyone get it.

You can add multiple instances of the “Football” app where you select a different team. Create one for each team you care about and put them in the order you want by dragging the tiles within the app.

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Scores would be nice, as well as fantasy football scores. There are so many fantasy apps now, sleeper has great fantasy breaking news and I assume would be one of the most tech forward.

ESPN of course runs a lot of fantasy, and yahoo is surprisingly good interface which has been well maintained and upgraded over the years.

Instead of the standings, can we get the past game score for a day or two after the game and then the schedule for the next game.

I can add multiple apps as suggested above.

Also fantasy NFL news would be great.