News, Sports, Weather Alerts

Howdy. For starters, I am STOKED to receive mine when you guys ship. I’ve been looking around for exactly this type of gadget for my new office/studio/man cave ever since I started building it.

I believe you guys already addressed sports in another thread, but specifically, the ability to choose the sport(s) (like MLB, NFL, but not NBA or PGA for example) would be ideal, with live scoring across the league, including the day’s earlier games’ final scores, games in progress and start time for games yet to come.

News headlines, much like a ticker in Times Square, would be a big, obvious one I’d think. Just the headlines, from whatever news sources you can choose. There’s probably a boatload of this api out there.

Lastly, weather alerts. ‘Rain will start in 22 minutes” at whatever location you’ve locked in. ‘Severe Thunderstorm Warning” - that kind of stuff. Would,pair nicely with the basic forecasts you offer already.

Maybe in my old-ish age, I’m getting too practical. But these things seem more universal than where my Tesla might be. :wink:

Thanks! Really can’t wait to get it!

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Can’t seem to find an inexpensive API for sports data… Did you have any in mind?

@matslina has been looking into sports API’s. I think the general conclusion is, the ones that are good are incredibly expensive. Our current approach is using multiple different API’s and melding together the data to get something useful.


Not being big into tech, would news need an API for a headline “ticker” or would an RSS work? I wouldn’t mind seeing BBC or NPR news alerts—especially when a national emergency is happening while at work. For Tydbit it seems all you would need visually is a text line or two for the headline, and a logo/icon to identify the service (plus whatever magic is in the coding on the backend for that—I imagine something would be needed to “strip” the headlines for tidbyt).

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I like the idea of an RSS! Very versatile

Definitely, RSS seems like a no-brainer to have. Should be pretty easy to implement, too.