Newbie Question

Sorry for the basic question, new at all this.
I have an app that I am able to run on my tidbyt. I render it and push it locally. If I want the data to refresh on a regular basis, what is the best way to do this? I run this from a Linux box I have, do I need to setup a schedule for this to run?

Thank you and sorry for the basic question.

I had a simple bash script that just looped and ran it.

while [ 1 ]

    /pixlet/pixlet render /home/abrace/
    /pixlet/pixlet push XXXX.webp
   sleep 600


The standard way to schedule things to run on Linux is to create a cron file and run crontab on it to activate it.

Thanks all. Bash job did the trick!

I had trouble using cron myself, lack of a tty seemed to cause some problems with pixlet in my case. I didnt have time to troubleshoot it further, hence why I just used a looping bash script