New Tidbyt server using a Python script

To test my apps and see what they look like directly on the Tidbyt, I created a way to emulate the community Tidbyt server so that I could continuously cycle through one or more of my apps and create updated renderings and push the WebP’s to my Tidbyt.

The use cases for the emulation are to:

  • Handle the management of any Tidbyt digital display device
  • Push .webp files generated from .star files to the Tidbyt
  • Have the ability to display WebP’s for specific durations
  • Have the ability to not display selected WebP’s because it is night
  • Have the ability to queue the order that the Tidbyt apps are displayed on the screen
  • Have the ability to continuously cycle through the selected apps
  • Already have the next WebP ready to be pushed to Tidbyt as the current WebP finishes displaying

The README file and the tidbyt_server script can be found in the following repository:

Let me know if you find it useful.

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