New iOS app update not working

I saw on iPhone App Store there was update for Tidbyt app - but ever since doing it earlier this morning the app immediately crashes after I try to open it. Anyone else finding the same?

Ended up deleting and downloading app from the App Store again, and that did the trick

Hmm… I will take a look. According to the App Store stats it looks like it’s working.

OK, we have found the issue. It affects iOS and can cause the app to crash. Uninstalling and reinstalling it can sometimes fix the issue temporarily.

I am working on a fix and will try to get it approved by Apple and released tomorrow.

Technical details for anyone who is interested:


Submitted a fix and we’re now waiting on Apple to review it. They are usually pretty quick so hopefully this is fixed today.


This issue is fixed in the latest version of the app (v1.342.27).

It just went live in the App Store, so it may take a few minutes for it to show up for everyone, but please upgrade once you are able to do so.

Sorry again that we didn’t catch this in testing! It randomly affects around 30% of devices and we just got “lucky” that none of our test devices were affected.