New Idea; Show a random color with Hex code!

One thought for a new application for the Tidbyt would be a “display a random color” and the related hex code of the color in the respective color that it is.

For instance, #0047AB (which is a type of blue) would display across the Tidbyt in blue.

Thank you!

Something like this?

Omg yes!!! I didn’t really have a fully fleshed-out design in mind, but your example checks off all the boxes! I think it’s a really cool concept :slightly_smiling_face:

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Glad you like it, I’ve just submitted the app for approval

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Funny timing. Earlier today, I opened a PR for a similar app that changes the background color based on the current time! Just now saw this request, but here’s a link to the PR with screenshots if you’d be interested. feat: Add Hex Color Clock by gabe565 · Pull Request #890 · tidbyt/community · GitHub

Yeh I just saw that, looks awesome! Cant wait to try it out

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That’s so cool gabe565!! And what a coincidence. Thanks again MontyP for making that mock-up and putting my idea to design.

Just an FYI, that the app is now available to add to your Tidbyt :slightly_smiling_face:

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