New apps

Does anyone know when the new apps will become live? Looking for college hockey and baseball apps that I think are made but not yet live.

It sort of depends. They try to merge apps on Thursday, but sometimes they go through internal testing after that. It just sort of depends. But just because they are merged, does not mean they are available.

Have you tried searching for them yet? Looks like some were recently released for college baseball at least.

The new apps just showed on mine but the college baseball is not showing a record for either team and then I went to the ESPN app and you can’t click on the college baseball scores it just does nothing and also shows no record for the teams so it looks like the problem is coming from the ESPN app since I am sure that is where the data is being pulled from

Yeah I think it may be an ESPN thing. I know some of the ESPN college sports don’t provide live updates to games which is why I haven’t added it to some of my apps, but I thought baseball may have been one that did update.

There may be an error in the script, there being no preview means there is an error in the script likely.

cc @cmarkham20 as he is the author. FYI I ran the script and it’s an issue accessing one of the dicts looking for the notes key when I ran it.

edit: what do you mean just showed on mine? you mean you can now access the apps? But yes the error is likely in how espn updates or something. How they do college sports sometimes is weird.

Ah yes, good catch. I’ll try to fix that soon.

But yes, I noticed some college sports, like Men’s Hockey at least, do not update in real-time, which is an data feed from ESPN thing.

Good to hear. If we could add one more if it’s not to much trouble women’s college softball. No rush