Network monitoring such as download/upload speeds and connected device count

I understand the screen is limited to show every device connected to a network, but showing download/upload speeds, usage, and device count could be useful.
I haven’t looked at the api so I don’t know what all it is capable of yet. Would this have to be an external sort of request? for example, make a automated task to collect the data, format it so that the Tidbyt knows where to display what and “prettify” it.

@Carlitos Do you have a gateway or router that tracks this info already? For example, I think Ubiquiti controllers might have these stats available.

I currently do not, however, I do plan to upgrade my home network all at once. I did not know the routers could come with this kind of feature. If the router does not, a raspberry pi with a REST service installed in the network would probably do the trick. All that would be required would be setting a standard for the return request for the Tidbyt.
I would have to see how these routers/gateways do things.
(its starting to sound more like a fun project than a feature request)

Yeah, the Tidbyt microcontroller doesn’t have enough spare cycles to monitor the network as well as drive the display.

I highly recommend Ubiquiti networking gear. They’re based in NYC and I use them for my home network, we use them for the network in the workshop, and I volunteer with NYC Mesh who uses their operator-grade equipment.

If you’re looking to just bootstrap an entire network, I’d recommend either the Dream Machine or Dream Machine Pro. These will provide a router, Wi-Fi, and security gateway that keeps track of device stats.

Tricky part would be figuring out how to get the data from there onto the Tidbyt. You’re totally correct that a RPi should be able to do it.

@rohan I have a Ubiquiti UDM - would love this to be able to integrate.

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