Need help debugging, works with pixlet serve, but not on tidbyt

I created this simple app to show the time in 3 timezones (

pixlet render/serve work fine with it, but when I upload the webp below to the tidbyt, it only shows the first two timezones and then goes back to the first one, it never shows the third. Any clues?


I think this may be a bug because I have the same issue. It works as expected in browser, but the last frame is never displayed when pushed to the Tidbyt.

As a workaround I’m adding a blank frame to the end of my Animation.

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Yup, this seems to be an issue with how we decode and handle animations on the server. I’m looking into it now.

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perfect, thanks. I’m using @JonathanBall’s hack for the moment.

I’m also having an issue with animations. They are rendering fine in the browser, but when sending to the device itself, it seems to only display the first child in the animation. Assuming this is the same issue as described above.

It looks like the issue was fixed on the server-side after @rohan posted. I’ve been able to remove the extra child and it works fine for me now.

My animations have also started working a few days ago without any change from my end.

Hey yup, @mark found a bug in our server-side decoding of animations and fixed it.

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